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    • Coupons.com

      Just completed a major integration project with Coupons.com & Marsh — their new Retailer IQ platform for one-to-one digital coupons allows for personalized coupon gallery offerings based on buying patterns and predictive models. Integrated with the current loyalty system, customers can virtually clip coupons that load directly to their loyalty account. Swipe the card a […]

    • DesktopMedia & Marsh: a Digital reFresh

      We just completed the digital rebuild of all of Marsh’s consumer-facing channels (website, mobile app, email, sms) along with internal automated workflows: on-demand marketing w/ XMPie, marketing automation w/ ExactTarget’s Journey Builder, along with some small scripted automations that assist with the production of the Marsh Circular. Essentially we did all the research, created a […]

    • Xerox/XMPie Webinar highlights Marsh & DesktopMedia!

      Xerox/XMPie has asked us to participate in a webinar this Thursday highlighting a case study of Marsh Advertising’s automated sign workflow powered by XMPie! We’re looking forward to this opportunity to speak to a wider audience about variable data publishing in retail and what DesktopMedia and XMPie were able to create for Marsh Supermarkets and […]

Experience. Teamwork. Knowledge.

DesktopMedia. IT Consulting: Marketing & Advertising Technologies.

What do we do? We are marketing technologists. We consult, technically support, train and recruit in marketing and advertising technologies.

Which makes us unique in both the world of IT and marketing. We bridge the gap.

We’ve stayed committed to this vertical and our commitment has benefited our clients as well as our company. No this is not an startup (or upstart) and there is no one under the age of 40 here. We’re hoping you agree that experience is reassuring, depth of knowledge is valued, and commitment is a requirement of any partner.

Who are we? experienced (25 years), certified (ACI, PMP, CTT, MSCE, ACP) professionals

Why does it matter? Just like you wouldn’t meet with a foot doctor to talk about your heart, not all IT professionals are equipped to support the marketing and advertising function. we are. we do. and do it well.

You’re looking for something or you wouldn’t be here. Looking for information, advice, help, training, a skill set, a plan, an audit? Contact us.

Or perhaps you’d prefer your current state of affairs? Can’t keep up with the demands of your organization? Can’t explain deteriorating analytics? Can’t justify your needs? Can’t get the workflow organized? Can’t evolve your staff’s skill sets? Can’t explain the errors? Can’t justify your requests? Can’t implement quickly? Don’t know how to automate? Know where you want to take your group but don’t know how to get there? Huh. Where have we heard this before?

We’ve seen an awful lot. Go ahead. Stump us.