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      • Coupons.com

        Just completed a major integration project with Coupons.com & Marsh — their new Retailer IQ platform for one-to-one digital coupons allows for personalized coupon gallery offerings based on buying patterns and predictive models. Integrated with the current loyalty system, customers can virtually clip coupons that load directly to their loyalty account. Swipe the card a […]

      • DesktopMedia & Marsh: a Digital reFresh

        We just completed the digital rebuild of all of Marsh’s consumer-facing channels (website, mobile app, email, sms) along with internal automated workflows: on-demand marketing w/ XMPie, marketing automation w/ ExactTarget’s Journey Builder, along with some small scripted automations that assist with the production of the Marsh Circular. Essentially we did all the research, created a […]

      • Xerox/XMPie Webinar highlights Marsh & DesktopMedia!

        Xerox/XMPie has asked us to participate in a webinar this Thursday highlighting a case study of Marsh Advertising’s automated sign workflow powered by XMPie! We’re looking forward to this opportunity to speak to a wider audience about variable data publishing in retail and what DesktopMedia and XMPie were able to create for Marsh Supermarkets and […]


When we began the DesktopMedia journey 23 years ago we saw an emerging platform and software specialization that would soon transform an industry. Our intuition paid off and we became experts in Adobe desktop publishing applications and the Apple platform. Soon we were working with creative agencies and corporate marketing groups and we expanded our expertise in cross platform workflows.

We became, for our customers, their own IT support group uniquely qualified to cater to their needs. As more marketing/publishing channels opened up so did more opportunities for us to apply our skills. We began training large workgroups not only with relevant applications but industry standards and best practices. We expanded our consulting roles to not only include skill sets and infrastructure but workflow planning and automation, resource management, security and recruiting.

Along the way we developed special and long-term relationships not only with creative services of all sizes but specifically with retailers and healthcare. These relationships allowed us even further specialization in database management and variable data publishing, XML publishing and PDF workflows, and content distribution strategies crossing all channels.

Whether you’re an ad agency looking for a marketing resource management tool, in-house corporate creative looking to audit/manage content, or a retailer trying to figure out how to push the same data to print, web, email and mobile, DesktopMedia is here to partner with you to find the right solution to fit your needs.